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“You don’t talk about Fight Club”

Mehru-N-Nisa   ‘Fight Club’ is a 1996-book written by Chuck Palahniuk. It is a story of an anonymous person who is also the narrator here. The narrator suffers from insomnia initially in the story and then it turns out that he suffers from split personality disorder too. The main characters are: the narrator, Tyler Durden […]

The Black Book Experience

Salma Masood     I didn’t consider writing this piece about The Black Book. I am in the middle of reading 1984 by George Orwell and I had decided to write about that book. But it so happens that now I am writing about Orhan Pamuk’s masterpiece. I read it almost 2 years ago when […]

His La-La Land

  Nakhshab Kirmani    Medical humanitarian organization, MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders), conducted a research in collaboration with the Department of Psychology, Kashmir University and the Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience (IMHANS). The report found that 45 percent of Kashmir’s adult population i.e 1.8 million adults, suffer from some form of mental distress […]


Zainab Shafiq Satyajit was sipping his coffee as the initial rays of sunlight tiptoed through the meadows, gradually wrapping the sky in blue. The westward breeze whispered through the dry grass, infusing a spirit of vitality in everything as it flew past. Satyajit started pacing back and forth – his eyebrows furrowed and lips pressed […]

“Air-Talk” Radio Ad

Listen to one of the many innovative ads made by our students Kaamina Geelani, Faiza Rashid, Farhana Farooq and Haiba Iftikhar for a fictional mobile network provider they creatively named “Air- Talk”.  

One-month Certificate Course on ‘Short Film-making’ (Nov 19-Dec 20, 2018)

In the run up to the NAAC team visit, the department conducted a one-month Certificate Course on ‘Short Film-making’ with participants drawn from semester 4 of BJMC. Besides the classes on theoretical concepts related to short-film making, the course also involved practical exercises. In the latter half of the course, the participants were divided into […]


‘Homeless’ is a short fiction film by Zenaira Bakhsh, Tuba Ashraf, Gafira Qadir and Sadaf Shabir that depicts the plight of a transgender and the insensitivity that transgenders have to face in the society.

Workshop on ‘Audio-Video Editing’ (May 10-11, 2019)

A two-day workshop on ‘Audio-Video Editing’ for students of semester 5 (BMMMC) was held with the support of Media Education Research Centre (MERC), Kashmir University on May 10-11, 2019. Mr. Imran Latief (AV Editor, MERC) was the resource person for the workshop which was held at the varsity’s studio. On the first day, technical sessions […]


A symposium on Sir Muhammad Iqbal titled ‘In Search of Lost Voice: Reclaiming the Progressive Iqbal’ was held at GCW M. A. Road, Srinagar on May 9, 2019. The event was organised by Department of Philosophy of the college. Speaking on the sub-theme titled ‘Dr. Muhammad Iqbal between History and Memory’, Principal of the college, […]


Women’s Studies Center of Government College for Women, M. A. Road, Srinagar organised a talk with Ms. Sana Imtiyaz and Ms. Sheema Shah, entrepreneurs of ‘Sweet Temptations’ and ‘Sugar Rush’- home bakery shops on May 01, 2019. Ms. Sana Imtiyaz, who has done a course in baking, and Ms. Sheema Shah, a student of Home […]

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