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“You don’t talk about Fight Club”

Mehru-N-Nisa   ‘Fight Club’ is a 1996-book written by Chuck Palahniuk. It is a story of an anonymous person who is also the narrator here. The narrator suffers from insomnia initially in the story and then it turns out that he suffers from split personality disorder too. The main characters are: the narrator, Tyler Durden […]

The Black Book Experience

Salma Masood     I didn’t consider writing this piece about The Black Book. I am in the middle of reading 1984 by George Orwell and I had decided to write about that book. But it so happens that now I am writing about Orhan Pamuk’s masterpiece. I read it almost 2 years ago when […]

Challenges to Media education

Challenges to Media education

  The boom in the media industry across the globe has triggered a perception among the media practitioners that there is a need to evolve techniques that would ensure that the professionalism in the field is upheld at all costs. Given the emergence of social media and concepts like the citizen journalism there is a […]