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‘Homeless’ is a short fiction film by Zenaira Bakhsh, Tuba Ashraf, Gafira Qadir and Sadaf Shabir that depicts the plight of a transgender and the insensitivity that transgenders have to face in the society.

On The Edge

A short  film depicting post failure depression.

Voyage – A Day On Wheels

Look deeper! It may not be easy to be a bus conductor.  

Chinar – The Speaking Tree of Kashmir

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Women’s College Documentary

The film was produced by Irshada Ayoub, Yasmeen Khan, Fajr Shora, Sadaf Masoodi, & Nusrat Bashir. The film presents a comprehensive profile of the Government College for Women M A Road, explaining its achievements and challenges.

From Darkness To Light.

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Beautiful Turning Point.

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Death of Yender.

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Unbiased Water.

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