Lost my way, but I went on.
Lost my soul, but I went on.
Lost everything, but I went on.

Leaving behind the sorrows, vicious people and their fading promises.

Now I am in the court of conscience,
Apologetic in front of the creator, with his undeniable questions.

Getting to know that deeds of mine were in vain,
‘Cause sins are buried in my skin & unjustified pain.

Yes, I will be rewarded for my kindness, and will be punished for my barbarousness.

The lastingness has come to an end, with the time that I had been allotted;

Now I can’t regret, I can’t weep.
I can’t think, I can’t sleep.

But I can just give you a wake-up call,
Ascent your virtues, your good deeds before your heart & soul fall.

If not I, but someday someone will;
Wake up you! Wake up you! Wake up you all!