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Saqib Manzoor muses on the art of being able (or unable) to write
I try to write but I fail- not a word, a phrase, or even a sentence comes to me.
I force myself to scribble one damned word/figure/line. But I mess it up terribly and stain the hem of my shirt with distorted stuff.
I think,
I pull the curtains aside,
I look at the photographs pinned to the wall,
I chew on the cap of my pen,  » Read more about: Free-writing  »

India’s Beauty Ideal: The Dark Side of Fairness

Fairness, considered an attribute of beauty in India, is basically a veiled mask of social prejudice. The historical and cultural fascination with fair skin in India is deeply rooted, predating even the invasions by lighter-skinned people.
Social structures reflected a preference for lighter skin, which was later exacerbated by British colonial rule. This obsession with fairness has permeated Indian society, influencing marriage prospects, employment opportunities, and social status.
This analytical piece explores the origins of this toxic beauty standard in India,  » Read more about: India’s Beauty Ideal: The Dark Side of Fairness  »