Kashmir largest trout producer

Jammu and Kashmir has over 513 units of trout farms of with Kashmir alone accounting for 404 units making the valley as the largest trout fish producer in India having

The Valley also consumes 482 tonnes of fish every year.

Muhammad Hussain Wani, Senior Project Officer of fisheries department said that the demand for quality fish is increasing in Kashmir due to high protein and low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits.

“The demand for fish has increased in Kashmir as they have become health conscious and want to make many preparations,” said Wani.

Hussain said that there are 36 government farms in Kashmir which are bigger that owned by locals.

“The cold climatic conditions in valley are highly suitable for trout farming. We produce highest quantity of trout in India,” he said.

Requirements to set up a fish farm  

Water is most important element for trout farming. Fresh, cold and clean water is required for trout farming. Upto 20 degree centigrade water is feasible for trout farming and mostly at cold places.


Two verities of trout fish, rainbow and brown, is reared in Kashmir. The brown are very less because they grow mostly in natural habitat.

“Government is fully supporting farmers. All the private sectors are established under the government schemes,” Husain said.

Market Size: Local market is Rs 20 crore.

Schemes: The department has rolled out a ‘blue revolution’ scheme for trout farming. In the scheme, an amount of Rs 2 lakhs is given for construction cost and 2.5 lakhs for input cost.

Logistic Support: The department also provides the logistic support like technical guidance at doorstep.

Training: The department is also providing training for a period of 5 to 7 days to entrepreneurs as how to take care of trout.


Hameed-ul-lah Khandey of Verinag in Anantnag district who has masters in Arts is one of the young entrepreneurs who decided to make a living out of trout farming.

Leaving his job in a private school in 2011, he decided to start his trout farm. Hameed invested Rs 2.5 lakh for land to set up a trout farm at Khabul, Annatnag. He started with 6000 fish in his farm in two raceways.

“I started with 2 raceways and now I have 7 raceways. One should invest in trout farming and it has lot of scope in Valley. This time I have 7 raceways as the profit is too good. This is very good business for the jobless youth.”

Hameed added that government is very helpful as the fishery department is always ready to help us in every way.

(Sabreen Ashraf is a 3rd semester student of Dept of Journalism and Mass Communication, Govt College for Women, MA Road, Srinagar.)

First published in Rising Kashmir on 13th April, 2018